Released Changelog, Navigation improvements, Other updates

Released Changelog

Today, we release the DigiTax API hub's Changelog.

Here we'll share changes big and small, significant and cosmetic that the DigiTax team makes to the guides, recipes, and API reference.

Navigation improvements

You'll now notice two additional links at the header of the DigiTax API Hub:

  • DigiTax Homepage
  • Support Centre

We also removed the Log In button on the top-right as it was wrongly assumed to be a link to log into DigiTax.

DigiTax API hub Homepage

DigiTax API Hub Homepage

Other updates

We made several copy edits and updates. Below are notable ones.

How to get your business_id added in Offline URL guide

Offline URL feature was released months ago. Read more about Offline URLs here.

Included in the guide is the format:<business_id>/<trader_invoice_number>. While a number of DigiTax API users got this during API onboarding session, the DigiTax team decided to explicitly explain how you get yours.

That's been explained in the added section in the guide page here.