Start using the API

All you need to start using the API

DigiTax suite of products

As the leading KRA & ODPC-approved eTIMs integrator, we at Namiri Technologies, through our DigiTax Platform, have developed a suite of solutions:

  • DigiTax App (Mobile PWA),
  • DigiTax Dashboard (Web Browser-based Desktop application) AND
  • DigiTax API

The first two are powered by the DigiTax API 🎉

Below are the steps required to get up and running.


The starting point is to create a DigiTax account, then create an organization. Send an email to [email protected] (with the email you've just used to sign up on DigiTax) requesting for access to a SANDBOX business. We'll give you access to such a business (under your created organization). Finally, via email we'll share a link to an encrypted copy of the X-API-Key to said business. We'll share the password separately for you to decrypt it. Once you get it, we encourage you to save it securely.

In summary;

  1. Sign up on DigiTax
  2. Create an organization
  3. Send an email to [email protected] requesting access to a SANDBOX business
  4. We'll give you access to such a business
  5. Via email we'll share a link to an encrypted copy of the X-API-Key
  6. Separately we share the password to decrypt it

Use the X-API-Key in your header when making API calls through the interactive API docs here OR via your integration during testing. This has a quick turn-around of a matter of hours. Do not wait for days 😊.

Going LIVE

To go LIVE on the API, commercial conversations must be complete. If you wish to start those, email [email protected].

Once you go LIVE, you can go ahead and generate your own X-API-Key on the LIVE business' page. See screenshots below:

Navigate to the "Integrations" menu.
Then select "Add API KEY"

Enter a name and select "Api key" OR "License key"

Please record the value that you generate for later use as you will not see it from the dashboard on subsequent visits. Save it securely.


Your integration is LIVE 🎉

Using the LIVE X-API-Key, you'll now be interacting with the production environment of eTIMS

API Keys management

Once you generate an API key, you have the option of deactivate them.

Navigate to the "Integrations" menu and click on the "padlock" icon under Action column.

Click "Deactivate key" if you'd like to invalidate the key for API use.

To making eTIMS compliance less taxing.