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eTIMS functionalities are numerous. You get to see them on the Business page. All these functionalities are available in the API reference.

The Recipes section covers the core eTIMS API endpoints. These are:

  1. Item management
    1. Add business item (POST)
    2. Get list of business items (GET)
    3. Get a specific item (GET)
    4. Adjust stock (POST)
  2. Sale transactions
    1. Add sale (POST)
      • A sale without customer details
      • A credit note without customer details
      • A sale that includes customer details
      • A credit note that includes customer details
    2. Get list of business sales (GET)
    3. Get sale (GET)
  3. Customer management
    1. Add branch customer (POST)
    2. Get a customer (GET)

Interactive API Docs

For a great developer experience, the endpoints in the API reference are interactive.

Once you're set up in the DigiTax dashboard you'll get your test X-API-Key to use in the DigiTax API. We go over that process here.

Explore the API endpoints here.

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